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Honda GX35 4-STROKE

Tyyppi: kilpa-ajoneuvo
Korimalli: (Kart)
Rekisteröity: 2015
Polttoaine: bensiini
Mittarilukema: 25 km
Vetotapa: takaveto
Vaihteisto: automaattivaihteisto
Väri: musta
Sarjanumero (VIN): VIN
Hinta: 1950 EUR
ALV 0% (no VAT accrue)
Tarjoushinta: 1500 EUR
ALV 0% (no VAT accrue)
31EUR/ kuukausi
käsiraha 0 EUR
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Ajoneuvon sijaintikunta: Pärnu, Viro

Voin vaihtaa

- Advanced Technology
- 4-stroke - no fuel/oil mixing
- Full 360° "any-side-up" operation - use and store in any position | Learn More
- Exclusive rotary-slinger lubrication system
Fuel Efficient, High Output Operation
- Approximately half the operating cost of comparable 2-stroke engines | Learn More
- Efficient port configuration and large diameter valves maximize power output
- Lighter, more rigid valve train
- Carburetor equipped with accelerator pump for fast, easy acceleration
Smooth Performance
- Precision engineered components result in lower vibration
- Lighter piston minimizes vibration
- Ball bearing supported crankshaft for greater stability
- Roller bearing supported connecting rod
Exceptionally Quiet
- Belt-driven OHC design reduces mechanical noise | Learn More
- Large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system
- Sophisticated air intake system
Proven Reliability
- High quality materials, fit, and finish
- Lifetime timing belt design
- Integrated fuel system protection
- Diaphragm carburetor
Easy to Use and Maintain
- Easily accessible spark plug
- Easy to drain and re-fill oil
- No mixing of gas and oil
Easy Starting
- Exhaust decompression system
- Unique low inertia design
Emissions Compliant
- CARB and EPA certified
- No catalyst necessary
Available Options
- Special designs for horizontal and vertical applications available
31EUR/ kuukausi
käsiraha 0 EUR
Honda GX35 4-STROKEHonda GX35 4-STROKEHonda GX35 4-STROKEHonda GX35 4-STROKEHonda GX35 4-STROKEHonda GX35 4-STROKE